☛ the writing zone ☚

hi, and welcome to the writing zone! i write a lot of fanfiction and some original content, and i'd like to get at least some of my favorites out into the world on my own website!

for right now, most fics will just have a link to where it's hosted on ao3, but i'm slowly but surely working towards formatting and getting my best ones up to par to be put here :3

any fics that necessitate content warnings will have those under a clickable header at the top of the fic (or in the tags & notes, if on ao3.) most writing will also have a brief note on the names and pronouns of major characters within the piece, just for clarity's sake.


bless the telephone
a series centered around tot clark and luis acevedo, and their relationship over the course of the various blaseball events that have been brought down upon them.

cookie run

a series focused on a divergence from cookie run: kingdom canon wherein dark choco cookie and licorice cookie defect from the cookies of darkness, due to some accidental child acquisition.

the whole world and you
a series of stand-alone fics set in the universe of cookie run: kingdom, serving as explorations of small divergences from canon or personal interpretation of off-screen events.

one piece

then the morning comes
a series of fics focusing on my own spin on the typical "portgas d. ace lives" trope, exploring a world where he ends up spending the two year timeskip with vivi in alabasta.

it's all been done before
a time travel fic, set from the perspective of the one guy who has no idea that time travel is happening at all- one portgas d. ace. mostly comedy and fluff, with a small helping of hurt/comfort.

original content

original content coming to a writing zone near you very, very soon! keep an eye out!