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hi!! sometimes i make little webgames, or twine games, or anything between - and sometimes they're even hosted on my website! you can find 'em all here. have fun!!

the pokemon amie tv screen from pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire. the secret bases tv screen from pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire.

a collection of favorites for your perusal!


you can link to me using this button! just right-click and save, and link back using the text provided :3 cat sprite provided by elthen on itch.io!!

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<a href="https://paopuleaf.neocities.org" target="_blank"><img src="[image path here]" alt="a pastel-colored blinkie reading 'paopuleaf' with a cat and a paopu fruit next to it."></a>

the cool website zone

blinkies.cafe | make your own blinkies! a haunted house with 'hillhouse' typed next to it. a postal envelope button with whimsical written on it. a button reading 'sadgrl.online'. a button with strawberries reading 'ichigo directory'. a button reading eggramen. a button reading 'key's klubhouse'. a button reading 'appledust'. a button that flashes between an image of totoro and the word 'artwork'. a button with a ghost reading 'spiritcellar'. a button with a tangerine reading 'tangerine tree'. a button with a space background reading 'marzka.cafe'.
  • the barnacle goose experiment - described as "an abiogensis body horror idle clicker where you play as a researcher in a biodome tasked with generating a world out of their own body" by everest pipkin, the creator of the game. a very interesting idle clicker i've had a lot of fun with!
  • compute cuter - a collection of resources to make your computing experience cuter! i've especially enjoyed the links to cute coding theme colors.
  • welcome home - a horror project by @partycoffin (on most social media) in the framework of a lost media kids show! lots of fun things to click around and explore.
  • the ultimate list of lorem ipsum generators - exactly what it says on the tin. my personal favorite is sagan ipsum!
  • pixel cat's end - a virtual pet site where you take care of not-cats in a world called not-earth. it's currently in closed beta, but it has registrations every once in a while! excellent pixel art and care.
  • album art collage creator - a website where you can put together your top # of albums using their cover art. below is mine!
a collage of twenty-four different album covers, arranged in three rows of eight.
  • on guard 43 hub [scp] - an scp hub centered around "subverting common practice", located in canada! it takes a very thoughtful and intricate approach to its lore and stories, and the articles are extremely fun, both in formatting and in writing - even if you aren't into scp, i would recommend scrolling through some of these for the way they tell stories.

a rainbow blinkie reading 'certified clowngirl'.
a blinkie reading 'slime rancher'.
a blinkie reading 'meow' surrounded by two paws.
a blinkie reading 'always hungry' surrounded by cats.
a blinkie reading 'boo' surrounded by blinking trees.
a blinkie reading 'boyfriendish' in blue. a blinkie reading 'haunted' with skeleton hands next to it. a blinkie reading 'mycology'.
a blinkie of big man from splatoon 3, reading 'ay ay ay'. a blinkie of shiver from splatoon 3, reading 'pedal to the megalodon'. a blinkie of frye from splatoon 3, reading 'say it with sizzle...'
a blinkie reading 'splatoon 3'. a blinkie reading 'yippee!'
a blinkie reading 'mad burnish'.
a blinkie of a wizard reading 'wizard'. a blinkie of a plush worm reading 'oh worm?' a blinkie of a mad scientist reading 'mad scientist'.

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